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expansive shorelines: on falling and landing in place



made in collaboration with Jade Nixon and Moira Hille
three channel video 

dimensions variable
Installation for 'Emergent Strategies from the Deep', Savvy Contemporary, Berlin, Germany


With Expansive Shorelines: On Falling and Landing in Place we are trying to create a language that articulates the land, shoreline and islands as both a metaphor and methodology of resistance and as a theory of change. 


Drawing on our own Queer, Indigenous and Black place-making practices, we are visiting not only with each other but also with the land, the skyworld and the water in the Mediterranean Sea. These distinct ways of being and knowing not only shape our work, but also allow us to notice the place-making practices of others who are often thought to be placeless or who are not thought of as place-makers. 


In our three-channel video, we learn from the shoreline, the water, the sky and the land about what it means to meet with. We learn that falling, extending, reaching, and expanding encourage a kind of flexibility towards interconnection and abundant life.


Film Locations:

Cosenza. Calabria, Italy

Kommos, Crete, Greece

Images courtesy of Ifor Duncan.

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